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Modern living room

A modern living room  is usually associated with the term minimalist, but this interpretation does not apply, for example, for a stylish living room with retro accents, which gives a very interesting and contemporary look alike.

A ’60s-style armchair, in a setting with clean lines, straight, with a red painted walls and a large sofa, which urges you to immerse yourself in it, is a very contemporary living. Materials can now both skin and various fabrics, fibers, polymers, and in terms of color is best to choose a strong color that was reiterated in a room, the various parts, the rest should remain calm shades , whitish, gray, even black.

Modern living rooms are characterized by much light (especially on natural light), and avoiding agglomeration of products.

Do not imagine that such a room can not be elegant: depending on the chosen finish (lacquer, matte, with prints), can be very luxurious modern living. Comfort, functionality and durability are extremely important objects, so choose furniture and accessories based on these concepts and always put your personal touch on planning.

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