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How to decorate your deck with pots and veggies?

Even though you are not a master chef, you can cultivate just a few vegetables for design as well as for cooking.

In this case, you must take into account two important aspects: what kind of vegetable to choose and what kind of pots and bins to buy for your veggies.

That is why for a modern look our advice is to go for as many colorful pots as possible, whether they are yellow, blue, orange or red. Then, take them and carefully arrange them in a corner of the deck. In this way, you create a spot of interest.

If your deck is too small or crowded, you can grow your plants up-high in little baskets, hung from the beam of the house. They are going to look cute and chic.

Also, don’t hesitate to be creative and eco-friendly! Your deck can be personalized by using some old wine crates as pots. They are large and suitable for a traditional, rustic setting.

Arranging the pots on different levels of height is my favorite way of display. Mixing small and big pots will create an interesting „play” of shadows and colors.

Nevertheless, in home&deco shops you can find many other garden accesories.

Regarding the vegetables that can be cultivated you may choose from: tomatoes, peppers, letuce, carrots, cabage etc. Parsil, basil, chives, rosemary and oregano complete the design


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