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How does stripes change a room?

Besides the purely decorative role, they are used to increase (the horizontal) or high (vertical) visual room. Depending on their thickness and color, streaks can completely change the image of a room.

Also they can be used in different areas of ​​the house from the bedroom, living room or kitchen, to the entrance hall, bathroom or dining room.

For example, in small spaces you may use light colors like yellow, beige or green they will cheer up and brighten the room.

For a modern decor you can use bold colors of pink, red or orange, maybe match  them with another piece of furniture or other accessories in the room, while the beige and brown / chocolate are perfect for a classic interior design.

A very successful retro decor is composed of black and white. It is elegant, sophisticated and easy to “wear”.

Walls are not the only ones who can be “striped”. Stripes can be found on other items in a roomlie sofas, curtains, chair covers, tablecloths, dishes, carpets, even furniture can all be printed with the stripes playful and sophisticated at the same time.

But be careful not to overdo their use. As a model so powerful final image can become aggressive, annoying and dizzying-creating the impression that you are moving all the time

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