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Get cozy with Richard Gere’s fabulous place

The actor’s house resembles more with a rural crib, and not at all with a Hollywoodian luxurious residence.

Very cozy and traditional, the house is perfect for a family with children, where the kids are running free, and the housewives are ready to prepare an delicious apple pie or a stuffed turkey.

Being evaluated at no more and no less than 8, 8 million dollars, the house has three main strong points: a lot of natural light, natural fabrics and “earthen” tones of color.

Simple, modest, one could say, but still charming.

The living is quite unusual for a movie star. It’s tiny, cozy and free from any opulence.

The armchair, covered with sheep fur, situated nearby the chimney give you the impression of a faraway place, where the modern world hasn’t settled yet.

A wide porch, a huge garden and, at least but not last, a wonderful opening towards the private beach are a dream came true for anyone of us.

All in all, Richard Gere’s house is more about emotions which worth 8, 8 million dollars, than about expensive furnishings.

You can find the Romanian article here

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