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Decorations dor small homes

A few feet square studio, for example, can offer all the comfort you want and can attract the admiration of your friends with a unique design, that if you know how to arrange it.

In these lines, we’ll offer some tips on what products to choose to maximize space, without making any compromise in terms of design. That is way, we begin with some basic elements such as sofa and/or bed. When space does not allow too many pices of furniture, it is recommended to choose the “2 in 1”: on the one hand you get a perfect couch watching a movie with friends, on the other hand you have a comfortable bed to sleep end the day. In addition, there are many open their systems and a variety of colors to choose from. And for parents, the best option for children’s room is the bunk beds. As well as save space, children will be delighted with this type of arrangement.

Seats that you can stack are the perfect solution for homes with small space because it occupies little space and can be used both as a chair and as tables.

Decorative boxes of different sizes, and brackets for hangers, there are two ways of storing stylish clothes and accessories, without a dressing.

Be it kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, “amplify” the potential walls. Use the entire wall height to take advantage of more space and movement. Sliding doors are also welcome in our box. They are discreet, elegant and almost “invisible” in your home. It is worth to pay attention and “poufurilor” playful, colorful and extremely fluffy. I will freshen the room, and when you do not feel them, you can box stuffing in bed or in closet.

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