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Decorating trends you loved as a kid, adapted to grown-ups

When you were a kid, there were some elements that everybody wanted in their rooms, especially in the teenage phase. We wouldn’t necessarily call them home-decorating trends, but they were the hype at a certain age. If you’re melancholic, you can update some of these trends in a very grown-up and contemporary ways.

A ceiling full of stars

Do you remember the glow-in-the-dark constellation stickers? Every kid on the block wanted to go to sleep under the starry sky. Come to think of it, with our lives in the big cities, wouldn’t you still want to have that lovely outdoor feeling?

If you’d like to revisit this teenage trend, you can go contemporary with graphical and more technical representations of constellations. Try some white paint over a black ceiling and choose a more surprinsing space, such as the bathroom.

Posters as wall decorations

They were cheap, they had significance and they expressed one’s personality: posters were a rage back then. Sure, our musical taste might have changed and our interests might be different, but the need to express them out loud didn’t.

One thing you could do to revive the poster frenzy is to think more like a museum curator and make a stylish composition out of your favourite images.

Bean bags

When I was a child, one thing I really loved is to literally „sink” in a bean bag with my headphones on and a book in my hands. To be honest, this pastime hadn’t changed a but. I still adore a cosy pouf, although I love them with a little bit more style. Thank god that designers managed to update the trend and bean bags look fresher than ever and have very modern shapes.

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