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Decorate with colored tape

The new generation of adhesive tapes come in a variety of designs and colors, that’s way it will be hard for you to refrain from sticking it all over the house. With this kind of tape you can create cute and playful scenery and the possibilities are endless.

Depending on the patience you have, you can decorate larger or smaller objects. We are showing you a few accessories which you can change the appearance wirh the help of a few rolls of colored adhesive tape.

You finished the milk or yogurt? Do not throw the bottles, recycle them. Stick to the wide strips of different colors, maximum two, then applied over them thinner strips of tape in complementary colors.

Are you offering a gift but you forgot to buy a bag of gifts? You need a certain box that, with colored adhesive tapes, you can transform it self into a chic gift.

Decorative pegs or the laundry pegs may exceed the limit of ordinary object only if you add a strip of tape.

Also, a much cheaper option for those going to school is to buy notebooks with simple covers, which after you can customize at will.

A simple white photo frame, will become a sophisticated one if you apply  different colors and models from this amazing band. This idea you can uset on a flower pot.

If you don’t find them in stores, decorative tape can be ordered online from various sites.

You can find the Romanian article here

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