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David Copperfield’s private islands called “home”

When you say David Copperfield you think of something out of the ordinary, amazing and outstanding. So, it’s the case of his house which doesn’t include just a field, but an entire archipelago.

Yet, the owner of the 11 islands (purchased at 50 millions dollars) is not the only one living or spending his holiday here. When he’s travelling, David rents the “Copperfield Bay” to stars like Oprah Winfrey, John Travolta or Jim Carrey.

One night of accommodation on any island varies from 37.000 till 50.000 dollars, including all services and delights.

Among the 11 islands with golden sand and turquoise water, there’s one island which stands out, the biggest of all, namely Musha Cay, which actually represents a beautiful, exotic reservation.

The colonial architecture fits perfectly with the exotic view of the island. The interior design is constituted from personal pieces of art, as well as gifts from different friends and relatives of the illusionist.

Only 90 minutes far away from Miami, the island has a mini-airport, thus it becomes an interest for many tourists. The major advantage of these islands – which are a part, by the way, of Bahamas Paradise- is that the number of persons who can be accommodated at the same time is of 24 persons. Therefore, one can have all the privacy and comfort she or he wants. This is a very attractive get away especially for celebrities.

The time spent here is precious. You will forget about troubles, when you will be diving or cruising or sun bathing on the most beaches.  Of course, a spa couldn’t have been forgotten.

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