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Bedroom from A to Z

And because our recreational sanctuary we provide all these things, you need something more than a comfortable bed and quiet. To have a sweet sleep and moments of relaxation that energizes us for the day, we must create an atmosphere favorable to the bedroom.

For this purpose, we need to focus attention on parts of decor designed to shape and maintain a warm and intimate, to strengthen our feeling of comfort.

It is known that the main factors are responsible for defining the colors and light atmosphere. So to get a setting “friendly” in our bedroom must first choose a soothing color range.

Cool tones have this effect, so do not be afraid to use shades of gray or blue. In terms of light, more refreshing atmosphere, it is recommended to use a mixed lighting that we offer and indirect ambient light. Very restful, these types of lighting will “warm” setting and create an environment conducive to dreaming. A floor lamps, two lamps or apply some will completely change the perspective on the room because they shed light diaphanous. And spotlights or neon tubes hidden in shelves or furniture will have the same effect.

To maintain the atmosphere obtained with light and color must be careful to finish, materials and textures that you choose for your bedroom layout.

Textures and natural materials will heat setting. Bed linen of cotton, silk or will make it look comfortable bed and will prove to be very pleasant to the touch. A note will give intimate and decorative pillows, blankets and scarves to bed. The same is true for the entire textile accessories. Curtains, drapes and carpets will be fluffy an inspired choice to draw up a receiver in your bedroom decor.

The rule applies in terms of furniture and floor, which should avoid cold finishing materials such as metal, glass and ceramic tiles. Cover the floor with wood or possibly laminate mimic natural essences, or even floor to look as close to nature.Choose solid wood furniture fixtures or alternative materials that do not have an artificial look. And if you have to choose their colors and warm wood, avoiding dark finishes, like wenge or rosewood.

Very helpful in our approach will prove and personal: souvenirs, photos and things dear to amplify the feeling of privacy and comfort of the bedroom. Plants and flowers are meant to humanize natural setting and create a warm and welcoming, so do not be afraid to use them in land, taking advantage of this opportunity and to choose vase, pots and baskets to introduce a bit color and energy in the room.

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