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All about window sizes for your attic

Correct installation meets certain general conditions.

Optimal height is between 185-220 cm, in order to be confortable and to have a nice view outside.

Roof construction and the distance between the rafters does not restrict the choice of the attic window sizes. There is a method that can modify the structure that supports the roof, without affecting its safety in the same time. In this way we can instal an attic window in any size.

Adapted to a wide range of roofs, architectural features and modern shapes, attic windows are installed in the roof slope with inclination angles between 15 up to 90 degrees.

From architectural point of view, the possibility of using glass is endless. Even in this situation, it is indicated that the glass surface to be equivalent to at least 10% of the surface floor.

Also you must take into account the roof slope: the more the slope is smaller, the height windows should be higher. Grouping windows environmental effects contributed to a special light distribution and getting a wonderful views.

Experts believe that in combination the horizontal distance of 1200 mm is the best, and for the vertical, 100 mm will do just fine.

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