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A table decorated like in the stories

The first step is to establish  the colors. Thinking about summer, warm colors – very hot! – best spectrum are: yellow, orange, red.

Once colors are set the only yhing that remains is to choose suitable objects: white plates on which poppies are painted, dark glasses and a carafe Gaben, placemat’s in a bright shade of yellow, bowls that are combining yellow with orange, cutlery with colored handles same range.

As table arrangement itself, note that our proposal is meant as unconventional as possible, to suggest ethereal and artistic side this season: a table where you feel like a picnic in a sunny cornfield.

Everything has to be as unconventional as possible, to suggest diaphanous side this season. A profile picture of a blue sky poppies seem to pour generously and table decor complete.

Material made by architect Bud Kreiss.

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