A small kitchen at hand

We are used to “pile” all sort of things in the kitchen. The secret is to be as much organized as possible.

When you’re having a problem with the space, the best thing to do is to go with vertical accommodation.

Even though the shelves from top are not that approachable due to the height, you can store there different items such as trays, pans or any other pots that you don’t often use, as well as cans you wish to preserve for next year.

For the organized compartments you can use glass, because any compact surface will “charge” even more the space. Go for a “L” or “U” shaped furniture because it gives more “liberty” to the kitchen and gives you the possibility to explore the walls.

Any hanging accessories or baskets are more than welcomed, because they will decorate the room and keep it organized.  

Another aspect brings in discussion the home appliances. Don’t pick huge appliances, but choose those which can be incorporated within the furniture.

Also, multifunctional furnishings are desired. For instance a strait countertop – under which no other stuff has been deposited- can serve as a dining table, as well as a home-office.

Another at hand solution to give more space to your kitchen is that of giving up to one wall, partly or totally. This arrangement can be made when the kitchen directly communicates with the living. In this way you create an open-kitchen.

When you’re dealing with a small space, natural light is pretty important. So, do not clog the windows with heavy, dark draperies. You can even supply it with artificial lighting balls, strategically installed.

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