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A relaxing garden, with wood and stone

At first, the court was in line depending on the geometry of the pool.

Design, atmosphere, privacy, and practical aspects are criteria that must be taken into account in making decorations landscape around a pool outdoors.

Plants can add a charming ambiance to the pool. They are designed to make shadow, to beaway from prying eyes, create a more intimate, or simply to decorate the space, changing its total appearance. But attention! Not all species are suitable to beplanted near water gloss.

A very practical solution and the effect is the plants in pots. Ideally, containers should be rather large and made ​​of natural materials (ceramics, wood). It is also very important that during the flowering season of the species used to coincidacu bathfor decorative effect to be maximum.

To benefit from shade to choose an area near the pool (if the land allows). For example, if the arrangement of images, the land all around the pool was built, resulting a vertical garden. All this garden in slope is supported by tree trunks androcks of limestone, forming a common front that develops along the thicket.

Near the house is open another green horizon, with two central points of interest:alpinariul lake with waterfalls and surrounded by a sea of ​​flowers planted in potssuspended limestone rocks or tree trunks beautifully polished. The relationship between spatial points of interest is provided by buried limestone paths, mountaintrails in style, leading to the hidden sides of the garden.


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