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A black kitchen might be exactly what you needed

Our kitchen might just be space where we spend most of our conscious time during the day, so you might just feel that you need to up your design game when you get bored of your conservative white or bright coloured kitchen. When I put it this way, the alternative just pops out immediately, right? Why not try a black kitchen?

Try a black kitchen instead

Black might not be the usual choice when it comes to kitchen design, but why not? The furniture industry can offer us all we need to put together a perfectly darker kitchen that has the potential of looking crisp, spot on modern and, last, but not least, unique. And who doesn’t like an unique, state of the art home? We guarantee, your visitors will be surprised and your home will be memorable.

There are certain rules for obtaining a good black kitchen, but nothing is too complicated to prevent you from showing a little bit of courage. First rule of the game is opting for a modern or high-tech style, since these are the styles most suitable for using black in such a space.

A few rules

Also, black is a wonderful backdrop for emphasizing furniture handles, stone or wooden countertops and wooden floors. Our favourite part about using wood in combination with black, especially if it is a matte texture, is that the overall look has a noble feel to it.

Another detail to always have in mind when designing with black, inclusing the kitchen, is to have lots of light, because black absorbs light, without reflecting it. If natural light is not available, try opting for a high tech style where you can blend in glossy surfaces. Also, insert a lot of artificial light above the working spaces. 

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