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9 common mistakes made by a novice gardener

We made a selection of 9 mistakes, gardening experts say that they have met or seen most often:

1. The first one would be that the most people buy varieties of plants that are beautiful only when they are flowering, without taking into account the period of flowering and its duration is relatively short. The rest of the plant exposes only “foliage”. So, watch the leaf appearance, the crown, the trunk (if it’s a shrub, for example) or structure.

2. Do not skimp on shopping. It is always better to buy one or two extra flower pots of the same variety, if you do not want this garden to look poor. It is also possible for a flower pot to be “affected” and to fade in two to three days. It is good to have a backup.

3. Never buy flowers with yellowed leaves. Look carefully  after insects that could walk from here to there on the leaf. In this way you avoid the illness of the entire garden by buying healthy plants and flowers.

4. Be not deceived by the beauty and “freshness” of the already blooming bulbs. That are already “in bloom” in store, it means that they flourished for some time. It is best to buy a “new born” flower and enjoy their blossoming gradually from day to day.

5. Roots are very important and they tell more about a plant. The long and tangled can choke the plant, while undeveloped roots can be a sign of premature death. So it is best to consult an expert who will know what it looks like a healthy root.

6. Labels are probably vital for flowers. Do not break and do not throw them. They have indications of  “customized” care for flowers.

7. To know your garden and house is again important. For example, its surface influences the choice of flowers, be it size, number or color. For example, to difine well a small garden it should be either airy, the few flowers are recommended to be arranged in a corner as “attraction” or with a geometrical structure.

8. And speaking of colors, the colors are all really nice, but how beautiful are taken together? Jump on a single line color if you want a garden organized, such as several shades of blue from the indigo blue ciel.

9. Be sure to plant the flowers on time and not let them wilt in pots. If you need to delay their planting a day, maximum two, keep them away from light and warmth of the sun.

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