The coolest (minimalist) Easter eggs of 2017, for sure!

16 aprilie 2017 , 464 afisari

You’ve probably painted your Easter eggs by now. Actually, you might just have eaten the first ones – Happy Easter, by the way! The world wide web was full of ideas this year, but if we were to sum it up, these are the eggs like no other, the kings and queens of minimalist Easter eggs.

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Marbled eggs

Marble is definitely hot this year, so why wouldn’t eggs that look like marble be trendy enough to rock our Easter basket? From royal blue nail polish on white egg shells to a more elaborate grey marble appearance, all jazzed up with gold paint, marbled was the hype. And we don’t think this trend in going away so easy, so if you didn’t make it this year, put a little efort next one, will you?


The first months of each year in design lovers’ calendars are full of Pantone talk. Come Easter, we have our colour trends of the year lesson made, so why not show the world by having a Pantone basket for this lovely holiday? And if you’re one of the cool people, try to recreate the Pantone cards, don’t just paint them all over!

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Speckled eggs

Speckled is not new. But an art lover will see the egg like a plain canvas, all set for Jackson Pollock. And that’s how your speckled eggs could look like the ones in the picture above. We simply adore them and paired with some simple, silver eggs they just look divine!

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Metallic rage

The design world just can’t get enough of metallic tones, so why not add a little shine to your basket? From applying real gold leafs to temporary tatoos, from using spray paint to actually painting them, all that metal might make your eggs look like Easter bling-bling.

All natural

If you’re more of a minimalist than a scandinavian, you will adore the naked egg trend. It doesn’t involve colouring the eggs, so there’s less work and, more importantly, less risk of contamination with dangerous chemicals. But you can still decorate them with small, geometric patterns made with a sharpie if the egg is white, ori with white paint if the egg is toned darker.

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