Active House, Built in Northern Bucharest

10 septembrie 2016 , 2675 afisari

The Solaris House is a positive energy home for one family, built in Northern Bucharest.

It is an active house, which means it produces more energy than it consumes – thanks to its use of solar panels. The technology captures and stores summer heat in the ground thus ensuring hot water and heating during the winter.

The energy efficient building and the intelligent heating and cooling solutions diminish consumption by 50 Kwh/sqm/year and allow a constant interior climate, with controlled temperature and humidity, without unpleasant drafts.

The Solaris House respects sustainable building principles, being an innovative concept for the house of tomorrow.

Based on renewable resources and efficiency, this house protects the environment while offering a healthy and comfortable living.  

The Solaris House is an entirely Romanian concept, developed by a group of specialists from various fields. For more information please visit