A gorgeous apartment with a spectacular use of mirrors

14 mai 2017 , 501 afisari

To be fair, when I first laid eyes on a picture from inside this apartment, I was tricked into believing that it was a house with at least two floors. Silly me, it was just a very intelligent use of mirrors! Other than this, this lovely home focuses on natural materials and elements and has a clean style that can stay modern for many years ahead.

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The apartment is the home sweet home of a person that travels a lot for work, so the intention was to make it feel like a relaxation space for the owner when returning from his tiring trips. In order to achieve this feeling, the design uses a lot of natural, high quality materials like stone, solid wood and plants. Also, natural light plays a big role in this ecuation.

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Speaking of light, all the mirrors in the house help reflect all that light and make the interior brighter. On top of this, they create a beautiful illusion of space and height. The dining area is the perfect example. The darker shade of mirrors situated above the dining table makes it look like the room is of double height on certain areas and that there is definitely an open space above with a direct view of the dining space. The green wall also seems to continue itself towards an upper floor.

There are certain elements that constantly appear throughout the home: glossy surfaces like mirrors, furniture fronts and wall finishings, plants and wood. Since the owner is travelling all the time, keeping high-maintenance plants was not an option, so the designers opted for an artificial green wall and potted plants that can resisist a long time without watering.

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In terms of colour, the apartment uses a lot of neutrals: blacks, browns, greys, beiges and white, while the accent colour is the green used in the plants scattered all over the apartment. Other accent pieces are the lighting fixtures which have mostly an industrial style, but stand out in every room.

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Photo source: www.design-milk.com