Yellow: interior design & fashion trend for summer of 2017

11 iunie 2017 , 505 afisari

Often, interior design and fashion go hand in hand and propose similar concepts, at least when it comes to colours and prints. If you’re a religious trend follower, your wardrobe might end up matching your home, but if you’re just looking for a trendy colour to add a summer buzz to your home, yellow is the way to go!

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The inspiration pieces that led to chosing yellow for summer of 2017 are chinese culture, indian concept of ayurveda and use of turmeric and more familiar exotic fruits like lemons and bananas. For some of us bananas just scream Andy Warhol and the good news is that we can actually buy a banana print pillowcase or curtain this summer. However, for those that prefer a more subtle approach, solid yellow is a wonderful power color and we can add it in our homes without much effort.

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Textiles are quite an easy fix for inserting yellow in your interior decor. Bed linen or coverings, decorative pillows, curtains or even carpets are good canditates for seasonal changing, since they’re quite cheap and easy to replace. If you feel a powerful attraction to yellow and might be interested in something more permanent, you will absolutely rock this summer if you chose to paint certain elements. Try window frames, full wooden doors or stair elements. They will look totally fresh in a mostly white interior.

If you prefer working with your walls, grab a paintbrush and make yourself an accent wall or, if you desire a more sophisticated approach, paint your ceiling a toned down yellow. You can also consider wallpaper which is cheap and easy to apply – and maybe you’ll revisit that banana print idea!

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