WiFi controlled coffee maker? Yes, please!

11 iunie 2017 , 1075 afisari

That moment between waking up all groggy and taking your first sip of coffee seems like an eternity of pushing yourself to make an acceptable morning cup of caffeine buzz. But there’s an end to all that morning drama and has a beautiful name: „Spinn”. Sure, there are people that manage to wake up without the coffee kick, but don’t turn the page just yet: Spinn shows off with a beautiful design.  

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Spinn is, essentially, a piece of home tech that has the ability to make a perfect cup of coffee, while being digitally controlled via a mobile app. But when we say „perfect”, we really mean perfect. Whatever the preparation method, a good cup of coffee relies on several parameters:

  • The quality of the roasted beans, both of the beans and of the roasting process itself;
  • The amount of hot water that flows through the beans;
  • The grinding method;
  • Timing and temperature.

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Spinn handles almost all the features presented above, with the user having the option to play with many of the parameters and adjust them from a compatible app, straight out of bed. You can control the water level, the strenght of the coffee and the speed of the centrifugal grinder – a feature that has the ability to change the final taste.

You can also choose to make the coffee at the tip of your finger by pressing a sleek looking touch button, but you’ll love the app at least when it tells you in advance to refill the beans for your favourite morning liquor.

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