White contemporary houses with stunning geometry

30 aprilie 2017 , 439 afisari

Contemporary architecture loves to play with geometry and surprise everybody with their sharp and eccentric forms. These houses might seem „cold” for some of us, but they’re mind bending to look at, especially if you were a math lover in highschool.

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House in Portugal

The slanted white roof of this house in sunny Portugal has cutout openings for different level patios that are fully under the sun, while being intimate. The shadows have a bluish tint which gives a surreal appearance.

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Sotogrande House

If the roof is straight, you can create a dynamic look by slanting the walls. The white exterior mass is full of details – if you look closely, there are a lot of structural lines that make this house anything but boring.

Residence Freundorf

If you’re a fan of Sci-fi movies, you might have noticed by now that angles and white go well together and can generate a stereotypical futuristic image. They have the same effect when transformed into sharp angled white volumes on a house. It looks straight from the future!

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Small house in Tokyo

Are you also having a laugh at this subtitle? Also, have you ever heard of the art of origami? Put these together and you get this awesome faceted tiny home in Japan. Its white walls are definitely the jewel of the neighbourhood.

C1 House

If we were to describe it, this interesting house looks like a glass box present wrapped in a white concrete ribbon. The white part is a walkway that goes all around the house and the glass box looks stunning when the night falls.

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Photo source: www.design-milk.com