Stair details that would make any designer fall in love

24 iunie 2017 , 662 afisari

Anyone that has ever built for homself a house with more than one story knows the importance of having an eye catching set of stairs. Let’s face it, stairs are voluminous and, consequently, take up a lot of space, they are hard to visually ignore and, usually, their only function is to enable people to go from one floor to another. So, if you must have them in your house, why not think of them as a centerpiece? This is how most designers approach the problem, so here are some beautiful details that would make any architect instantly fall in love!

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Interesting stair materials and overall architecture

Rethinking the overall stair architecture is the way to go if you really want to innovate and make a statement in your house. You can let go of the traditional concrete or plain wooden stairs and try something new in regard to the large array of materials that you can use or the structural system you can apply.

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You can choose stairs that are individually fixed on one side, while providing enough structural strenght or stairs that don’t have risers. You can opt for threads made out of multiple layers of glass or a stair thats is, essentially, a folded sheet of metal. The possibilities are endless, just browse through the photo gallery!

Eye-catching stair shapes

If letting go of the risers is not bold enough for you, try more futuristic shapes that will definitely catch some envious views. Remember, as long as you step on a horizontal surface, you can let go of the 90 degree angle!

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State of the art handrails

If you don’t feel like experimenting too much with the stair’s shape or materials, make a statement through the handrails. Try a more contemporary approach with wires or cast iron that goes from floor to ceiling, creating a full size panel of modern art!

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The simplest way to play with any set of stairs, using light is a cheap, but visual effective strategy. Used preferably with simple design stairs, light highlights the stair shape while offering a little bit of help when trying to watch your step!

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