Rustic and contemporary elements in a beautiful restaurant-bar

18 decembrie 2016 , 426 afisari

The Musket Room, a sophisticated restaurant-bar in Manhattan, New York, is inspired by an era in New Zealand when adventures and discoveries blossomed.

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About the interior

The interior design which incorporates rustic together with contemporary elements, was designed by Alexander Waterworth Interiors. When you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by a big walnut timber bar, that leads back to the Garden Room. Here all the guests can see the chef’s backyard garden. Many products of this garden are being incorporated in the seasonal menus of The Musket Room. The exposed brick and the mid-century chairs and chandeliers add character to this beautiful place.

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About the co-owner

Chef Matt Lambert is the co-owner of The Musket Room. His partners are his wife, Barbara Lambert and restaurateur Jennifer Vitagliano. Lambert used to work in one of the best restaurants in New York and now he just wants to draw attention upon his own restaurant. And he made it! Only four months after the big opening, nearly three years ago, The Musket Room got a Michelin Star and kept it to this day. 

About the menu

All the dishes one can find at The Musket Room are creative and inspired by the New Zealand cuisine — going through traditional meals, asian influences and seasonal products.

Photo credits: Emily Andrews

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