Modern apartment designed in eco - style

25 iunie 2017 , 717 afisari

Eco or ecological style has been quite a trend in the last couple of years and, contrary to the majority’s belief, it doesn’t mean going rustic or country style. On the contrary, it promotes contemporary design that tries to limit waste and emissions the best it can. Moreover, it uses a very earth - inspired colour palette, the same as the apartment in Kyev shown in these images.

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Environmentally friendly materials

One major principle of the ecological design trend, also present in this lovely apartment, is the use of materials that are friendly with the environment. One should use materials that are either recicled, recyclable or they have a production cycle with a low carbon footprint. Natural materials are prefered to synthetic ones, such as wood, natural stone or ceramics, fabrics made out of hemp, flax or bio-cotton and so on.

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Nature inspired colour palette

Usually, an eco colour palette has a lot of neutrals, such as white, beiges and browns, and use green as an anchor colour. This apartment, however, manages to avoid green altogether. There are a few house-plants that provide subtle highlights, but apart from these, the living spaces show a beautiful petrol – blue as the main colour and bright sunny yellow as a powerful contrast colour.

Blue gives the whole apartment a very soothing feel and quite a relaxing athmosphere, being properly used in both living and sleeping areas. Yellow, however, gives a little touch of contemporary buzz, while reminding the owners of the summer sun.

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This apartment certainly has a stricking visual quality, obtained just by using the principles stated above. The design manages to create a lot of contrast, either through colours or through a different range of textures. As a result, the home offers images filled with details and information, so that you cannot get bored easily, while still creating a soothing athmosphere.

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