Is midcentury the new classical style of the present day?

28 mai 2017 , 459 afisari

There’s something reassuring about having a home decor style that can make its way through time, without you having to make constant changes and readjustments. If you don’t have pretty much of a budget, you might end up with some beiges and browns and some boring furniture that, while not looking dated, just looks plain and boring. If you do have some money to invest in furniture, you might buy classical pieces from the 19th century. You can’t go wrong with that, but not everyone has the taste for decoration as classicists did.

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We might just have the answer to your problem. Contemporary design just goes on and on about clean, simple lines and natural looking materials and statement pieces. On top of that, modernism keeps reinventing itself and every single season new trends get their inspiration from the mid 20th century. In 2017 we have the hanging lamps, last year there were some couches that cought the spotlight and so on.

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In this light, why wouldn’t we start looking at midcentury style as the new classical style we can all choose when we don’t want to tackle the tiresome venture of being trendy every season? Midcentury style has a lot of potentian and mark many factors: it revolutionised the design and we still benefit today of its influences, most of the pieces are beautiful on their own, pieces from that era are easy to recognise. Moreover, original pieces are constantly increasing their value, so buying such objects is more than decorating your home in a nice way, it is an investment that can produce revenue in the future.

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If these arguments aren’t enough, midcentury pieces are just extremely easy to integrate in contemporary decor settings, while just giving a fresh vibe!

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