City of Helsinki illuminated once again

15 ianuarie 2017 , 457 afisari

The annual Lux Helsinki light festival organised by the City of Helsinki took place from Thursday to Monday, 5th to 9th of January 2017. During the long northen nights, the historical buildings and the dark courtyards of the city were illuminated by artists from Finland, the Netherlands and Mexico, who created a total of 15 light installations.

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This year edition was marked by a record number of people who came out of their homes to admire the light art on the route between the Market Square and the Kruununhaka district. Nearly 500.000 people visited the festival.

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“Lux Helsinki stands out favourably from other public events due to the broad spectrum of visitors that it appeals to – from grandchildren to grandparents and toddlers to teenagers. Lux Helsinki is first and foremost an outdoor social event that allows everyone together to discover and rediscover our lovely capital as illuminated by light art. The festival attracts people to flock to the city centre together with family and friends, creating many positive memories of time spent together,” says Ilkka Paloniemi, curator of the Lux Helsinki festival programme.

The festival programme also included a partnership with 25 restaurants and food trucks that served hungry festival-goers along the official Lux Helsinki route.

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