Change your dining table lighting for a fresh new home!

04 iunie 2017 , 474 afisari

When you want a change in your house that doesn’t necessarily imply that you remodel whole portions of your living space, you must look for statement pieces that have the potential of bringing a fresh air to your interior. Take lighting, for example, especially in the dining area – and there’s a trend to make you give up on those Edison bulbs.

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The dining area of your kitchen or living room is the place where all your friends and family come together, so every design addition to that area should make the space comfortable and put together. Also, you should focus on the idea of investing on a focal point. The whole idea of a dining ensemble is centrality, so add on that with a hanging light.

Last year’s trend revived those iconic Edison bulbs, but this year design becomes less industrial and more house warming. Midcentury influences are still lurking around, so go shopping for some hanging lighting pieces or rummage through your grandparents’ home.

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There are a few elements that you should definitely consider when purchasing a new suspended light for your dining area. First of all, choose simple fixtures that don’t have decorations and in which every part is functional. Don’t get fooled, a piece that lacks decoration can also be rich and flaunting and that’s a good tip for eyeing good design pieces!

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Moreover, search for brass. The fixtures don’t have to be all brass, but these sort of metallic parts are as trendy now as they were 50 or 60 years ago. Another tip for you is to not get petty about the size of your lights. By all means, go big, go flaunty and make that bold statement your house is so desperate about!

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