An old attic transformed into a tailored apartment

11 decembrie 2016 , 405 afisari

An old attic was transformed into a small apartment, where the bookcase is the main attraction. The building dates back in 1880, so in approaching this project the architects were first studying its multiple layers. 

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This is how they found that the current flat roof was built on top of a former sloped roof. So, they replaced the existing structure with new joists and gained more space upright, while the bedroom and the living room have more natural light.

The white surfaces contrast with all the wood in the house

The floor is organised around the bookcase, whose shelves seem to protect a secret. Here, the white paint was used to preserve the original textures of the wooden structures.

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A tailored interior

The space of the new house can now support a small family. Some of the partitions of the house can move, thus the house can adapt to the needs of a modern family. New area dedicated to kids or parents can be added just to protect their privacy.

Photo credit: Steve Montpetit