A very boring dresser was hacked in two surprising ways

30 aprilie 2017 , 576 afisari

There are furniture brands out there that sell ridiculously low priced furniture that make for its money (and even more) by being functional, very easy to use and versatile. Such a piece of furniture is a blank canvas for creative people that want to get the look for less or that love an unique piece of furniture in their homes. Try this plain dresser, for example.

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One very creative man or woman decided to use this boring, 30 euro dresser to make not one, but two adorable and ultra trendy hacks. One, is a paint & pattern awesomeness, the other is a stenciled classy piece.

Paint & Pattern

Scandinavian style also accepts colour, so why not bring some cerulean into the picture? And flowers, who doesn’t love some cute flowery print? The outcome is what you see in the beautiful picture above and it takes just a few moments to understand how was this new dresser acheived.

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Two of the drawers were painted blue, they left one drawer aside and lined the interior with some beautifully printed gift wrapping paper, they raised the dresser on 4 simple legs and they changed the handles with handmade leather drawer pulls. Simple, right?

Stenciled & classy

Does anyone remember those beautiful bone inlaid armoires from back in the day? One way to update a boring dresser and give it some classy twist that looks more contemporary (and costs less) is to use stencils.

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It is easier than it looks, just paint the whole furniture blue (pick a cerulean – summer sky colour), grab a stencil you like, mark the contours with a chalk pencil, fix the stencil and then paint all over. With so much paint involved in the project you have to play a little bit of waiting games, but you won’t mind if the result is like the one shown in the picture.

Photo source: www.apartmenttherapy.com

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