5 elements any contemporary home should have

11 iunie 2017 , 702 afisari

„Contemporary” might be a confusing term considering the speed trends (and lifestyles!) change nowadays. However, there are some common features that make themself present in any home that calls itself contemporary.

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Architectural details

A contemporary home will esentially look very different than a traditional one and that’s mainly due to the architecture that changed over time. Contemporary architecture is quite similar to modernism, and it will feature clean lines and shapes, less or no ornament, texture as decor and state of the art matrials and curts.

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Natural light and a general „airiness” of the interior

These are features that are a must have in a contemporary home: natural light affects mood and the overall health state and there is no reason why our houses shouldn’t benefit from it. Also, a contemporary interior has airiness, which makes the house less stressful. Airiness means lighter furniture pieces, both in weight and appearance, and a decluttered space.

Natural materials

While wood is part of our homes for thousands of years, the eco-friendly trend inspires contemporary homes to accept natural materials that are not limited to wood anymore: leather, cotton, linen, wool, stone, even real green walls. Moreover, wood has more natural finishes and colours.

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High-tech is part of our lives, so contemporary homes are integrating technology seamlessly into interior design. Home controlling and automation from the tip of your fingers even if you are away from home, objects that are designed to learn your daily routine and provide help, lighting that provides chromatherapy and helps you relax – all of these are not just news anymore.

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Trends come and go and a contemporary home owner knows that the latest fad is not worth investing in. On the contrary, the contemporary home has a lot of personality and only takes from the existing trends those elements that fit into the design and lifestyle with the certainty that they will last for years to come.

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