3 summer trends for 2017 and ways to get them for cheap

28 mai 2017 , 1079 afisari

For our sanity and that of our bank accounts, trends are not to be followed religiously. We should find our styles and invest in pieces that have the potential to be in style for a long time. Unfortunately, that mostly translates in neutrals, and we all need some trendy showstoppers to make us feel like we have our feet deep down in the contemporary world. So here are 3 trends for this summer that you can add to your home for a small price.

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Marble with a twist

Trend predictors are really debating on the growing marble trend, but so far, this luxurious material has been rocking the decor world. Marble is a high end material and has the potential of being stylish throughout the years, so investing in a real marble piece might be a good option.

However, if your budget is not up to these kind of purchases, the constantly improving decor market has the answer: marble wallpaper. Why buy it? Well, it looks amazing, it has colours that can outbid even rare marble textures, it’s fairly cheap and you can change it for another wall finishing without a big hassle if it goes out of trend.   

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Tropical prints

Hello there, fashion lovers! I’m sure you’ve seen the runways and all the beautiful, bold, tropical prints out there. Take a second look at those overdimensioned, lush green prints, because home decor will be getting them into our homes this summer. If you don’t afford a leafy couch that might just look outdated in 2018 or around winter time, try some throw pillows, artwork or some curtains to get you through this lovely trend at a smaller price.

Deep dark emerald and other jewels

There’s nothing like a strong colour among all those neutrals to make your house look vibrant and in style. Jewel tones are the ones making a statement, and you can opt for these if you’re not particularly into the tropical print trend or if you prefer materials that are more expensive. Jewel tones are enhanced by the texture of the material, so you’ll need velvety and rich plush fabrics. A couch in these tones really looks elegant and you can make it work for years to come, but if you’re not ready to commit, try those throw pillows or a luxurious rug for the living room.

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